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Peter Greene Column: A Search for Fulfillment Can Lead Us Back Home

This is a column by Peter Green from The Derrick & The News-Herald. Find the original article here. I try not to focus on myself in this column, but Tuesday’s article by Rosemary Fielding about the “Be Here” visit to Rocky Grove High School inspired me to speak up. … READ MORE

Be Here Quarterly Session Three – Collaboration

When it comes to advertising, events, transportation, and communication–how can we work together throughout the county to collaborate? “Collaborating Across Communities” was the topic discussed at our third Be Here Quarterly on September 25. The group was made up of about 15 individuals from across the … READ MORE

Youth Ambassadors Spreading Positive Messaging

We often hear older generations tell youth: “You have to leave Venango County after you graduate,” or “You will never find a job or be successful here.” We certainly encourage young people to experience other places and get a new perspective–whether they go to college, … READ MORE

Selling Be Here Effort

Story by Rosemary Fielding, staff writer at The Derrick & The News-Herald Photos by Richard Sayer “Will the kids stick around?” has been a perennial question in homes and gathering places around the region ever since the Rust Belt began its manufacturing decline many years ago and … READ MORE

Be Here Internship Reflection

Written by Jessica Wilson, 2019 Venango Chamber/Be Here Intern What does it mean to Be Here? What kind of opportunities are there for a young professional in Venango County? Before this summer, I would have said there are jobs for engineers in our area but … READ MORE

Be Here Quarterly Session Two – Communication

What kind of community do you want to live in? What does communication look like in this community? These were some of the questions discussed at the second Be Here Quarterly held at the end of June at the Franklin Industrial & Commercial Development Authority … READ MORE

Be Here Quarterly Session One – Community Conversation

While we spend a lot of our time promoting the positives of our area through the Be Here initiative, we know there are challenges we face here. Not one person or organization can create change; it takes the whole community coming together. That’s exactly why … READ MORE

No Place Like Home

Story by Judith O. Etzel, contributing writer at The Derrick & The News-Herald Photos by Richard Sayer It’s one thing to make the pitch that young people should seriously take advice to come back home to live and work. It’s quite another to have up-close … READ MORE

New Community Calendar

We are ecstatic to introduce our new community calendar of events, which can now be found at: This calendar is open to the entire Venango County community to both view and post. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see a … READ MORE

Be Here Quarterly

Wednesday, September 25 5:30 – 7:30 p.m. Klapec Trucking, Reno Topic: Collaborating Across Communities There are many steps to take when creating change, including research and discussion. Since the launch of the Be Here initiative, many topics have come up over and over again in conversation, … READ MORE