Be Connected

You may be new to the area or you may have lived here for years—no matter the case, get involved and meet others in the community! Community member connection is essential to help our area thrive and help you feel satisfied in your decision to be here. Whether you are looking for volunteer work, social clubs, participation on boards of directors, or to build your social network, opportunities exist to help you become more engaged.

See below for ways to be connected here and check out this article about The Importance of Being Connected.

Venango Area Chamber of Commerce

If you own a business, membership in the Chamber of Commerce can help you succeed in our area. By joining the Chamber, you can attend events to build your network and get help promoting your business. If you are an individual, the Chamber offers opportunities to volunteer on committees, at events, and more. Learn more.

Future Leaders and Entrepreneurs Exchange (FLEX)

FLEX is the young professional group of the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce created to provide Venango Area young professionals (suggested age 40 years and under) with a setting to build relationships and develop professionally. The program helps to cultivate future leaders and provides opportunities for making connections and developing careers to help shape the future of the Venango Area.

Social and Service Organizations and Clubs

There are many social and service organizations in the area, such as Moose Clubs, VFWs, and Rotary Clubs.

Boards of Directors

If you’re at the point in your career where you are looking for professional development and a way to get more involved in local organizations, joining a board of directors may be for you! Whether you are interested in for-profit or non-profit, there are always organizations looking for new board members to join and help them reach their full potential. You can find a list of local businesses on the Venango Chamber website that may have board positions open, and feel free to reach out to the Chamber—we may know of opportunities available.


If you’re not looking to join a certain organization, there are still many opportunities to get involved and give back to the community! You can volunteer at events, with charity organizations, and so much more. The United Way has created a volunteer needs page called Get Connected Venango.

Give Back

Looking to support the area financially? There are several nonprofit organizations and causes in the area who you can help. You can create a fund or donate to the community foundation, Bridge Builders Community Foundations, or give directly to organizations. You can find a list of local nonprofits and social service organizations on the Chamber website.

Stay Informed

Another way to be connected is to stay tuned into local news. Whether you enjoy listening to the radio, reading the newspaper, or streaming news online, here are some local sources:

Forever Media
Progress News
Stream TV
The Derrick. & The News-Herald

Still not feeling connected here?

Contact us and we’ll help you find your right fit in our community.