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You can now sign up to receive emails from Be Here! We’ll occasionally send updates on the initiative, such as exciting news, upcoming events, contests, and more. If you’d like to join the list, please click the button below: JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST All past emails … READ MORE

Hidden Gems in the Venango Area

Ever visited somewhere and thought “why don’t more people know about this?” Whether it’s a scenic area, unusual business, historic spot, or more, tell us what you think are the hidden gems in the Venango Area! Our goal is to create a list and continue … READ MORE

Appreciating Our Heritage While Still Moving Forward

A couple weeks ago, the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce held the 39th Annual Oil Heritage Festival in downtown Oil City, with entertainment, food, a parade, arts and crafts, children’s activities, and more. This was my fifth Oil Heritage Festival since working at the Chamber, … READ MORE

Gavin Fish, Kimberly Fish, Fred Fish, Josie Fish, Grace Fish and Jackson Fish (from left) gather in the family sitting room. Caroline Fish sits in her sister Josie's lap. Kimberly said the younger children have been tiring themselves out from running through the vast three-story house | Photo by: Richard Sayer,

California Family Picks Franklin After Extensive Search

This article was written by Marissa Dechant and published by The Derrick. & The News-Herald in July of 2017. Photo by Richard Sayer. Find the original article here.  Late last month, Gavin and Kimberly Fish and their five children packed up their belongings and left … READ MORE

Recognizing the Opportunities in the Venango Area | Be Here Initiative

Recognizing the Opportunities in the Venango Area

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with about 20 students ages 13-19 from the Venango Area at the Oil Region Youth Entrepreneur Program. These students spent two days learning about becoming entrepreneurs and hearing from local business owners and leaders. My presentation was … READ MORE

Love the message of Be Here? Here’s how YOU can get involved!

Since the launch of Be Here in January 2017, we’ve been speaking to community groups and students, presenting at events, posting on social media, and talking one-on-one with community members about the message of the initiative. We often get positive feedback and are asked “how … READ MORE

Great Things Are Happening

Right here, right now – in Venango County and throughout the region – great things are happening! I know because every week I’m working with new startup companies, small businesses on the move, and manufacturing companies that are shipping product across the country. These are stories … READ MORE

Investing in the Future

For a regional initiative set on attracting young professionals to the area, “connection” is the key word. “Be Here,” created by program manager Ashley Cowles at the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce, has been working to attract and retain residents since its launch in January. … READ MORE

Be Here Has Officially Launched

The Venango Area Chamber of Commerce officially launched its Be Here Initiative at an event on Thursday, January 26, at Karma Coffee Co in Oil City. Be Here was created to attract and retain people and create an overall positive attitude of the area. People … READ MORE