Become a Be Here Ambassador

Become a Be Here Ambassador! We invite community members to help us spread the message of the initiative that the Venango Area is a great place to live, work, and play.

The ambassador program includes a one hour training where we equip people with information and resources to take throughout the community. As an ambassador we ask you to:

  • Know the messaging
  • Be positive
  • Be welcoming
  • Display and hand out materials
  • Be connected
  • Communicate with us

After the training, you’ll be invited to join our Facebook group, get a tote bag filled with stickers, maps & other resources, and also receive a training certificate of completion.

Our next training will be held virtually.

If you are interested in becoming a Be Here ambassador, please complete the form below:
Become an Ambassador

We will be in contact about upcoming trainings.

Together we can help the Venango Area thrive!

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  1. Cheri Pearce

    See you Thursday!

  2. Cheri Pearce

    I filled out the form for Thursday evening at Spilling the Beans

    • Ashley Cowles

      Great! See you Thursday!

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