Emily Aubele & Tammy Dulaney

Owners of Peddlers & Paddlers Inn

For every reason not to, there are five reasons to move here. There is hope and possibility, and there is an immeasurable opportunity to experience peace. That being said, no matter where you go, you will only get out of a place what you put into it. READ MORE

Tessa and Jon Byham

Chamber Employee & Police Officer

In Venango County you can go out, join an organization, or start a business and start seeing the results of your efforts immediately. We have the opportunity to hold leadership positions, make our voices heard, and see the difference we are making in our own community. READ MORE

Casey McVay

Assistant Director of Admissions at Clarion University

I love that Venango County is quiet, it doesn’t take long to get anywhere, and there is always something to do. If you don't mind four seasons, Venango is stunningly beautiful and the people are, too. As someone who relocated, I feel perfectly at home here. READ MORE

Deanna Wolfgong

Teachers Aide & Music Therapist

I never thought my decision to study music therapy would become what it is today, but I’ve loved where my business and career have taken me. I have found success though many avenues, but overall it’s the community I credit. I can tell that people truly want me to succeed here and word of mouth has been the main driver to my business. READ MORE

Warren Thomas

Owner of Baytree Farm

We would not be as successful and happy as we are today if we didn’t get involved throughout the community as much as we have. Venango County has become our home and we have made a decent living here, and I believe we need to help others do the same. READ MORE

Jessica & Ryan Rudegeair


The Rudegeairs have some ideas in their heads for additional businesses and look forward to continuing their time in Venango County and becoming even more connected. There are many reasons why they love being here, including the size of the area, affordability, ability to start and buy businesses, friendly people, beautiful seasons, proximity to cites such as Pittsburgh, and the history. READ MORE

Cinnamon Evans

Executive Director of CASA of Venango County

I have lived in Venango County for over 40 years years and I have a very full life here. The cost of living is low, it is a safe community, and we have a lot of music, art, and many other exciting things to experience. Venango County is my home and I wouldn’t have it any other way. READ MORE
Cinnamon Evans, CASA of Venango County | Be Here Venango

Gretchen Johnson

Executive Director of the Oil City Housing Authority

I believe this area is a jewel –a hidden treasure overflowing with beautiful scenery, a wealth of history, gorgeous homes with unique architecture, quaint shops, quality schools, neighborhoods that are a great place to raise a family, and outdoor activities to meet everyone's needs. But at the heart of it all are the people—dedicated, hard-working, loyal. READ MORE

Ashleigh Bennett

Teacher, Musician & Barista

I can’t begin to describe how thankful I am for the relationships I’ve built and experiences I’ve had in this area. At the risk of sounding like a cliche, I feel like this is where I belong. READ MORE

Greg & Sarah Merkel

Attorney at Dale Woodard Gent McFate Law firm & Consultant at Northbridge Environmental Management Consultants

Here, we have more opportunities to make real differences in the community, to hold leadership positions, and to spend more time with our kids. We truly feel that we couldn’t have chosen a better area to spend our lives and raise our family. READ MORE

Danae Nelson

Co-Owner of Impel Pilates & Yoga Studio

What began as a hobby I enjoyed in my free time, turned into a successful business I am able to run with my sister in my hometown in Venango County. READ MORE

Charlie & Aimee Cotherman

Church Planters of Oil City Vineyard Church

Sometimes I think I can almost feel synergy growing under our feet. We are excited to be part of all of this, to thrive and encourage others to thrive here—in Oil City and Venango County. READ MORE

Dan Flaherty

Executive Director of the Oil Region Library Association

I grew up in Venango County, yet I continue to meet new people, develop relationships, find new places, and experience new things every day. READ MORE

Rachel Stiller

Cost Accountant at Borchers Americans, Inc.

Since graduating college, I have obtained employment in my field at a local manufacturing plant and continue to live, work, and enjoy the Oil Region. Beautiful northwestern PA will always been my home, this area is rich in history; the country’s history and my family’s history. READ MORE

CJ Hurley & Barbara Pierce

Owners of CJ Hurley Century Arts

we think it is important for people to see what is good and special about this area. In looking for a new place to live, we created an ideal place in our imaginations—a place with a river, mountains, good old architecture, an art community, good people, farmland nearby, affordable homes, and opportunity. We believe Oil City has these things. We are pleased to have found it and call it our home. READ MORE

Jessica Young

Massage Therapist at YWCA of Oil City

As I have found success in Venago County, I will continue to stay in the area because Oil City is home to me. My family and friends are here. I have always liked the small town feel, the sense of community, and the natural beauty of the area. READ MORE

Kurtis Bell

Co-Owner of ServiceMaster By Bell

As an “outsider” I was welcomed with open arms to the business community in Venango County. Other business owners as well as the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce have been instrumental in providing me the opportunities and connections necessary to grow my presence in the area and build a name for my business READ MORE

Matt Caldwell

Co-Owner of Caldwell Printing Services & Signage Solutions

Venango County is a great place to build a business. Our location makes it easy for us to service our customers who are primarily located in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. We have been able to effectively compete in the Pittsburgh market because we are just far enough away to provide "small town customer service and quality" but yet close enough to offer affordable, quick, and reliable installation and service calls. READ MORE

Rebecca Beach

Loan Program Manager at the Northwest Commission

There is such a sense of community in Venango County and the surrounding area and everyone is so friendly. There is a lot of opportunity here to live, grow and thrive. I can say from experience, of all the places I applied for jobs-big cities, out state, I ended up with a job where I grew up and couldn’t be happier. READ MORE

Tracy Cowles

owner of Next Step Therapy, Inc.

I have been blessed with success in Venango County. Some will say it’s luck, but in reality, I picked the right place at the right time, and Venango County still has amazing opportunities for those who can see them. I bought the Steffee School building for $119,000.00. Venango County has an incredible array of properties for sale or lease at prices that you can’t possibly find anywhere else. Therefore, startup costs in this area pale in comparison to large cities. READ MORE

Yuri Miyazaki

Program Coordinator at Youth Alternatives, Inc.

I landed in Venango County. I was nervous, but after a few months, I couldn’t believe my luck. I now spend my mornings excited to cross Petroleum Bridge for a breathtaking view of the Allegheny River and Oil City in the horizon. I love walking into my favorite coffee shop, Bossa Nova in Franklin, and saying hello to all the friendly faces. I love walking my dog in the evenings, and stopping to chat with the neighbors. I love visiting stores downtown, knowing they are owned by local people. READ MORE