Using the Be Here Calendar of Events

We often hear people say: “There’s nothing to do here!” We know this is absolutely untrue, but we need YOU to help us show people that Venango County is an exciting, fun place to be.

About one year ago we created a calendar on the Be Here website which can be used by the entire community.  Community organizations can share their events, and residents and visitors can access the calendar to see what’s going on. Each Monday, that week’s events is sent to our email list, so community members can get a list of upcoming happenings right in their inbox.

We do our best to keep the calendar populated, but it’s challenging for us to know everything that’s going on (because there’s just so much!) and to tell everyone about the calendar.

That’s where you come in.

Do you represent a local organization holding an event?

Share your event on the calendar! All you need to do is visit our online form and provide the details. We need the title, a brief description, and details such as date, time, and location. You can also add a photo or flyer and link a website where people can learn more and/or purchase tickets (see some tips for posting your events at the bottom of this article).

The calendar can include concerts, workshops, festivals, competitions, and more–any event in the Venango County Area that is open to the public. If you have ongoing classes, such as at a gym or art studio, we will let you share one class a week to avoid filling up each day with classes, taking away from one-time events.

It is also a great resource if you are planning an event but are unsure of when to hold it. Check the calendar for other events, and be sure to get your event up early for other people wanting to avoid conflicts. Sometimes an event may seem like a conflict, but it could also be a great opportunity to work together. Is a business down the street having an event the same day you want to? Hold yours right afterwards to encourage people to stay downtown and visit other businesses.

Do you live and/or work in the Venango Area?

Help us spread the word about the calendar! Tell your friends, family, co-workers, fellow members at church, strangers on the street—whoever you encounter. We have Be Here rack cards you can give them with the website link, and we are working on a post card specifically about the calendar.

Also, simply using the calendar is much appreciated. Use it as your reference when looking for something to do. We’re hoping as more people access the calendar, more businesses and organizations will post their events, making it even more beneficial to the entire community.

At Be Here Quarterly in June of 2019, the topic was “communication,” and many people voiced that they see a need for better communication about what is happening in our region. We aim to make this calendar a resource to fill that void and make it much easier for us to communicate across our entire community about the many fun, unique things going on.

Find the calendar & form at

The calendar can also be visited through the link


Check out these tips for adding your event to the calendar (click the image for a pdf):

Photo credit: Bright Ideas Photography and Elizabeth Schmude Photography