Hidden Gems in the Venango Area

Ever visited somewhere and thought “why don’t more people know about this?” Whether it’s a scenic area, unusual business, historic spot, or more, tell us what you think are the hidden gems in the Venango Area! Our goal is to create a list and continue to update it as we hear of more hidden gems.

Here are a couple examples:

Freedom Falls & Rockland Furnace

Photo by Timothy Rudisille Photography

Freedom Falls, an about 20-foot tall waterfall in Rockland, has been visited by a lot of people, but many Venango County residents don’t know it exists or don’t know how to get there. About 100 yards nearby sits the Rockland Furnace, which was built in 1832 and used to produce iron.




The Chicken Coop – Studio 306

Chicken Coop - Studio 306 | Be Here Venango
Photo from Chicken Coop Facebook page

The Chicken Coop – Studio 306, located in the Crawford Center in Emlenton, is a community of artists that promote creativity, critical thinking, and education to better enhance and unify the communities. The group hosts monthly workshops, open studio time, and community events.



What are some of the hidden gems you know about in the Venango Area? Comment below, send us a message or comment on Facebook or Instagram, or email acowles@venangochamber.org.