Let’s Talk About Jobs

The Be Here initiative was created to spread the word about great opportunities in the Venango Area, but we want to do more than just talk! We are working to help improve the issues that do exist in the area, one of those being JOBS.

We often hear from community members: “there are no jobs here!” and we hear from employers: “we can’t find people to fill our open positions!” As part of the Be Here initiative, the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce decided to host a series of focus groups to have conversations with local HR representatives to figure out how we can fix this miscommunication and help our area employers and employees thrive.

We hosted two focus groups in December with 10 attendees, in which we covered topics such as issues finding the right employees, issues retaining employees, ways employers promote open opportunities, and how the Be Here initiative can help.

Through these meetings, we gained a lot of great insight and we will continue to work with employers to better understand what opportunities exist in our area and how to promote them.
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