Great Things Are Happening

Right here, right now – in Venango County and throughout the region – great things are happening! I know because every week I’m working with new startup companies, small businesses on the move, and manufacturing companies that are shipping product across the country. These are stories that should be topping our list, featured on our posts, and on the tip of our tongues!

Did you see the Derrick’s Business Review and 2017 forecast?  Pages and pages of stories about great businesses in our region.  Thank you for sharing those stories!

These days much of the national news is negative. The world appears to be a contentious place, causing us to feel overwhelmed and concerned that there is little we can do but worry.

Right here, right now – in Venango County and throughout the region – great things are happening. This is where you CAN make a difference.  Focus your energies on growing these great things.  Here are some suggestions:

  1. If you work for a local company, a local business, a local organization – become an advocate.  Tell the story.  Tell why you like your job.  Be sure you know the mission, vision and values of the company and help promote it.  YOU, as an employee, are a great reference.
  2. Network locally.  Promote businesses you know and trust.  Help them tell their story.  Encourage others to be supportive of local efforts.
  3. Be trustworthy.  You will do the most good if you are known for providing good information and great resources.  Relationships matter.  Protect them.
  4. Support local organizations that are supporting local investment.  My endorsement goes to the Franklin Area Chamber of Commerce and the Venango Area Chamber of Commerce for standing tall to support local businesses.

We are ALL potential advocates for our region.  How we talk about the area and what’s happening here really matters.  Criticize privately.  Praise and advocate publicly.  It matters. YOU can make a difference!

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Photo credit: Richard Sayer, The Derrick. and The News Herald