Jenny Bickel

While I am normally found behind the camera, I’m excited to share a bit about myself and my choice to live in Venango County. I am the owner and photographer for Jenny Bickel Photography, LLC, a business I started in 2014 that specializes in family photography. I feel blessed to live in an area where I can take advantage of the beautiful scenery in my photos. I get to travel around NWPA with my job, but my favorite locations to take photos are in our area because of the beauty of the landscapes.

I grew up in Hannasville and currently live in President Township with my husband, Dan, and our two children. I appreciate the opportunity to work from home and be with my kids as much as possible.

I have never lived outside the area, and have never wanted to leave. This is where our families are and I have always wanted to raise our children near family so they can have close relationships with them, just as I was fortunate to have growing up here.

I attended the University of Pittsburgh at Titusville and have a degree in accounting, and met my husband there, who has a degree in Business Management and works at Komatsu Mining Corporation in Franklin.

In my free time I love to be active and enjoy all things outdoors, which is another reason I love living here. Running, hiking, and kayaking are my favorite outdoor activities, and I love taking advantage of our trails and the river. I am a member at the YMCA, where I enjoy swimming and working out and I’m a member of the MWP (moving with purpose) running group who meets locally to run together. I also enjoy participating in local 5K events.

I enjoy the fellowship that comes with living in a small town with groups like MWP and our church family. Our children attend Christian Life Academy and the school is like a family. I wouldn’t want to raise our children anywhere else; the relationships we have here are priceless.

As a family, we enjoy going to local festivals, visiting Cook Forest, taking advantage of local parks, sled riding at Two Mile Run County Park in the winter, or swimming at Two Mile in the summer. I love that we have all four seasons here to enjoy. Eating and shopping local is also important to us, in which we often visit businesses like Taco Shack, Leonardos, Country Grub, Core Goods, Mr. Bookman, and various antique shops.

I was blessed to be able to travel a lot of the country growing up and have seen many places, and I still believe our small towns are among the nicest places to live with the quaint feeling of the Victorian era houses and the sense of community. You can tell our community cares and puts effort into our area. Sometimes I think it takes seeing other places to really appreciate how great our area really is.

I look forward to continuing to raise my family, grow my photography business, and find ways to continue to be involved in our community. We hope to spend the rest of our lives in Venango County and we treasure the family and friends we have here.