Rachel O’Neil

My family has lived here a long time, starting with my great grandparents, who immigrated to this area from Germany in search of a place that offered opportunity and community. I have continued to live here, even during college; I lived and worked in the area all while commuting to Venango College and Clarion University.

Since graduating college, I have obtained employment in my field at a local manufacturing plant and continue to live, work, and enjoy the Oil Region. Beautiful northwestern PA will always been my home, this area is rich in history; the country’s history and my family’s history.

Here is where I feel welcomed, appreciated, and a part of a strong community. I take great pride in participating in organizations such as the young professional group FLEX (Future Leaders & Entrepreneurs Exchange), which has given me the chance to be an active leader in my hometown. FLEX has helped me continue to build and strengthen the unique bond and strong sense of community with my neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Living in this area has given me the opportunity to grow up in a safe environment, receive affordable higher education, and thrive professionally with the chance to work in my field, all within my tightknit community of Oil City and the surrounding areas.