Chief Executive Officer

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TITLE:                                                          CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


SALARY:                                                      $61,230-$83,811 (Exempt)-Full Time

                                                                         (37.5 hr. work week)


Chief Executive Officer



Under the direction of the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer is responsible for fulfilling the mission, philosophy, and goals of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society.  Directly oversee the overall administration of the Agency activities to include design, implementation, and on-going monitoring of a comprehensive range of programs; implementation and on-going monitoring of human resource policies and procedures including selection of staff and supervision of program directors and supervisors, fiscal, and accounting staff and their functions; budget development; community and diverse funding source interaction; grant writing; public relations; and strategic planning. Also, to facilitate the overall management of the Agency i.e., voice mail system, computer network system, supplies, office equipment and maintenance, and repair needs.


This position is located at the Agency’s Main Office at 716 E. Second Street in Oil City and reports directly to the Governing Board of Directors and is accountable for the efficient operation and overall management of the Agency; safeguarding of funds, records, and property; carrying out policies contained in the bylaws and the policies and procedures manual, adhering to public and private legal regulations, and promoting and maintaining good working relations with consumers, employees, and the public. The Personnel Committee of the Governing Board of Directors provides an annual employee evaluation.




A.                Interpret governmental laws, regulations, and information memoranda, and develop policies and operating procedures based on this guidance.

B.                 Work with the Board of Directors to oversee the design and implementation and termination of services and programs provided by Family Service & Children’s Aid Society.

C.                 Ensure that Agency programs and services adhere to standards and guidelines determined by funding sources.

D.                Ensure that Agency programs and services are available to area residents in need of such services.

E.                 Provide on-going evaluation and feedback to employees regarding the quantity and quality of services provided.

F.                  Attend all Governing Board and committee meetings.

G.                Ensure that confidentiality policies are maintained as outlined in the policies and procedures manual, as dictated by the various licensure departments (State and Federal), and in regulation with the County requirements.

H.                Oversee the preparation of applications for insurance renewals i.e., Professional & General Liability, Property, Commercial, Automobile, Directors and Officers, Worker’s Compensation, and Employee Dishonesty Bond.

I.                    Ensure that Professional & General Liability, Property, Commercial, Automobile, Directors and Officers, Worker’s Compensation and Employee Dishonesty Bond are maintained at adequate levels of coverage and are in current status.

J.                   Ensure that all benefits offered to employees are monitored and in a current status.

K.                Oversee monthly processing of all benefits i.e., life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, simple IRA, worker’s compensation, credit union, AFLAC, and United Way.

L.                 Act as direct liaison with all insurance vendors, other contractual funding sources, legal advisor, and computer and technology support.

M.               Develop and monitor necessary systems to ensure fiscal accountability.

N.                Oversee the preparation, appropriate review, and distribution of finance and audit reports, which accurately disclose the fiscal condition of the program with the assistance of the accountant.

O.                Ensure the implementation of adequate property procurement and inventory control procedures.

P.                  Monitors and ensures Electronic Health Records management system is effectively maintained to support high-quality patient care.



A.                Oversee the design and implementation of the Agency’s Personnel Policies and Procedures.

B.                 Oversee the development, implementation, communication, and coordination of necessary updates and changes to the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual in accordance with the needs of the programs, new laws, new legal interpretations, etc.

C.                 Make sure hiring practices are in compliance with stated Personnel Procedures.

D.                Give final authorization on all hiring decisions.

E.                 Ensure entry salaries are within parameters outlined in the salary scales and approved by the Board of Directors.

F.                  Give final authorization on all disciplinary action activities.  Consult with the Personnel Committee on all terminations.

G.                Ensure that corrective and disciplinary actions are taken according to provisions in the Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual.

H.                Ensure that job descriptions are designed and implemented for all employees.

I.                    Ensure that the job evaluation process is followed, that each employee is reviewed on a yearly basis, that salary increases are congruent with the stated salary scale.

J.                   Complete performance evaluations for all supervisory employees and other employees under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer Provide administrative supervision of all Program Directors and Supervisors and other employees under the direct supervision of the Chief Executive Officer.  Delegate supervision of other employees to Program Directors and Supervisors.

K.                Coordinate the activities and overall workflow of the administrative staff through meetings, individual conferences, memoranda, distribution of printed materials, etc.

L.                 Promote an atmosphere of open, effective communication and constructive response to problems and changes.

M.               Ensure that all personnel files are maintained as confidential records according to State, Federal, and County agency standards.

Financial Management

A.                Responsible for the preparation of the annual budget by appropriate employees and its presentation to the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors for approval.

B.                 Oversee the preparation, appropriate review, and distribution of finance and audit reports, which accurately disclose the fiscal condition of the programs.

C.                 Ensure the preparation of contract agreements with State, Federal, and County agencies.

D.                Attend all Finance Committee meetings and be responsible for the presentation of needed information.

E.                 Maintain fiscal accountability and control of the overall financial condition of the Agency.

F.                  Work with the Accountant to ensure that all necessary information for Governing Board and Finance meetings is available and in defined formats.

G.                Provide final authorization of all check disbursements.

H.                Oversee the preparation of grant requests to Justus Trust every year and other trusts consistent with long- and short-range goals utilizing the assistance of the accountant.

I.                    Assist with the research necessary for additional grant applications.

J.                    Assist the accountant with the preparation of annual requests to the United Ways of Venango County and Titusville.


Resource Development

A.                Work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement fund raising.

B.                 Work with Program Directors and Supervisors to determine Program needs.

C.                 Work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a marketing strategic plan.

Public Relations

A.                Create and maintain relationships with community representatives as well as funding sources.

B.                 Represent Family Service & Children’s Aid Society at community functions.

C.                 Upon request may serve on committees or boards of other agencies or programs as a representative of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society.

D.                Oversee Program Directors and Supervisors in preparation of articles for newspaper advertisement and in-house articles of communication.

E.                 Oversee Program Directors and Supervisors in preparation of public service announcements for local radio and TV advertisement.

F.                  Responsible for presentation of Annual Report to the Governing Board of Directors and within the community.

G.                Ensure representation of the Agency at public presentations as requested by community agencies such as the United Way in an effort to promote the mission of the Agency.



A.                Compile necessary information with the assistance of the accountant to report the status of the Agency to the Board of Directors.

B.                 Work with the Board of Directors and employees to provide an environment conducive to achieving the Agency Mission.

C.                 Oversee the administration of the accounting/general ledger process utilizing the assistance of the accountant.

D.                Oversee the administration of the payroll process.

E.                 Overall administrative responsibility for the supervision of all programs and employees.

F.                  Conduct monthly supervision with all Program Directors and Supervisors and employees directly reporting to the Chief Executive Officer.

G.                Conduct one general meeting on an individual basis with all Program Directors and Supervisors each month.

H.                Conduct a monthly meeting with all direct report employees.

I.                    Conduct a monthly meeting of all Family Service & Children’s Aid Society employees.

J.                   Ensure that employees receive the necessary educational/training as necessary to fulfill their job requirements.

Drug and Alcohol Project Director

A.                Assist the Governing Body (Board of Directors) in formulating policy.

B.                 Present the following to the Governing Body at least annually:

1)      Goals and objectives which include time frames and availability resources.

2)      Written reports of project operations.

3)      Performance report summarizing the progress towards meeting goals and objectives.

C.        Prepare and annually update a written manual delineating project policies and procedures.

Property and Grounds

A.                Overall responsibility for physical plant or housing of all programs.

B.                 Research and make recommendations to the Board of Directors or act on their behalf regarding renovations, improvements, or replacement of all properties owned by the Agency.

C.                 Attending all Property and Grounds committee meetings and working in conjunction with their recommendations.

D.                Work with the Board of Directors to ensure maintenance and safe operation of Agency facilities.

9.         Record Keeping

A.                Ensure that accurate statistics are maintained in order to have an up-to-date profile of services rendered and to be in compliance with contract specifications where applicable.

10.              Other Duties

A.                Carry out all job duties in a manner that is consistent with the Mission, Philosophy, and Goals of Family Service.

B.                 Perform other duties as required or necessary.


The minimum necessary standard, a key protection of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, is derived from confidentiality codes and practices in common use today.  The minimum necessary standard requires the Agency to evaluate our practices and enhance safeguards as needed to limit unnecessary or inappropriate access to and disclosure of protected health information.

This position may only access the minimum information that is necessary to perform all job accountabilities included in this job description. 

            1.         Permitted Accesses

                        A.        All Agency consumer files

                        B.        All employee files

                        C.        Computerized billing systems

2.   Justification/Purpose

A.                To carry out the treatment, payment, and healthcare operations of the Agency.

B.                 In the event of a disclosure request where the appropriate Program Director or Supervisor is not available.

C.                 To assist in audits or licensure reviews.

D.                To review privacy incidents.


 1.                  Valid PA driver’s license to use on the job when necessary and proof of own vehicle insurance if personal vehicle is used for business purposes.

2.                  Act 73, 33, 34 clearances.

3.                  Ability and willingness to respect and practice confidentiality.

4.                  Flexibility to work irregular hours.

5.                  A willingness to attend out-of-town conferences, training workshops, and meetings as necessary.

 V.               QUALIFICATIONS

1.                  Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

2.                  Ability to use educated and intuitive judgment to advise, counsel, mentor, and manage people.

3.                  Possess in-depth knowledge of Pennsylvania human services, the laws, regulations, and compliance requirements.

4.                  Demonstrated ability in personnel, fiscal, and program management.

5.                  Ability and personality characteristics to work effectively with people from all social, economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds and age groups.

6.                  Ability to work effectively without direct supervision.

7.                  Strong commitment to implement and promote the philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies of the program.

8.                  Ability to communicate clearly in both oral and written form.

9.                  Ability to plan (long and short term), synthesize concepts, and use upper-level reasoning.

10.              Ability to use a computer and software for budgeting, word processing, and data management.

11.              Ability to organize workload around Agency priorities.

12.              Ability to accept and exercise independent judgment, discretion, and authority appropriately and make rational informed decisions.

13.              Ability to work well under pressure.

14.              Ability to respect and practice confidentiality.

15.              Thorough knowledge of the elements involved in directing a community-based Agency to include:

A.                Knowledge of applicable administrative procedures including fiscal control, supervisory procedures, and facility management.

B.                 Knowledge of applicable laws, standards, and regulations.

C.                 Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships.



1.  Education/Training Requirements

Minimum of undergraduate degree, and/or specialized training or experience in a social service organization.  Master’s degree preferred in public administration or related field such as human services or social work.

2. Work Experience

Five (5) years’ experience in human services setting, preferably with Pennsylvania state laws and regulation knowledge and at least five (5) years of administrative and supervisory experience; OR an equivalent combination of training and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

To apply for this job email your details to HR@FSCAS.ORG