Business Posters Form

We have created posters featuring local businesses to represent job opportunities in the Venango County Area. These posters have been displayed at Cranberry High School, and have been made available to other schools.

If you would like a poster created for your business, please complete the form below.

Find Examples of Posters Here


  • Please provide the title of one job in which you are currently hiring.
  • Provide at least three benefits of this job. For example: average annual salary of $60K, health insurance, flexible schedule, tuition assistance, etc.
  • Provide at least three requirements of this job. For example: high school diploma or GED, basic computer knowledge, communication skills, map reading ability, etc.
  • Please attach a high quality photo to represent this job. This photo should have a landscape orientation (not portrait) and include employees working in the job that will be featured in the flyer.
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