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Family Service & Children’s Aid Society employs the position of Direct Service Worker to provide a variety of services for identified consumers in an effort to educate and encourage the consumer to become as self-sufficient and independent as possible i.e., to maintain professionally, financially, socially, and emotionally.

Duties associated with this position include, but are not limited to, educating and encouraging consumers based on their individual needs and wants to organize their lives in such a way to maintain i.e., personal and health safety, household and money management, home living, interpersonal relationships, community involvement, social and leisure, self-advocacy and self-determination, and transportation so that the consumer can direct his or her life at home and in the community.  Services may include identifying consumer needs and wants, matching needs and wants with available resources, providing assistance in obtaining requested services and monitoring of the same. 

This Direct Service Worker position is located at Family Service & Children’s Aid Society at 29 Pearl Avenue in Oil City and provides services to identified consumers.  The work schedule varies and will include evening and weekend hours based on consumer need.  The position reports directly to the Home & Community Services Program Director with supervision being available on an ongoing basis.  This position also reports indirectly to the Executive Director of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society.  This position specializes in meeting the needs of the consumers on the caseloads of the Venango County Mental Health Developmental Disabilities Administration, Area Agency on Aging, Children Youth and Family Services and includes service delivery for the consumer to become as self-sufficient as possible.  Employee is expected to comply with all program, Agency, county, and state requirements.


1.   Direct Service 

A.    Assist in establishing outcome plans with the consumer, members of their families, casemanager/caseworker, and others providing input to identify service needs and wants, persons responsible to complete objectives, and target dates for outcome completion.

B.     Promote self-determination for the consumer by identifying the needs and wants utilizing either Individual Support Plan (ISP), Family Group Decision Making Plan, Referral Information Form or other treatment plans, establishing outcomes for the consumer to obtain and maintain self-sufficiency skills.

C.     Provide education and knowledgeable encouragement for the consumer to maintain optimal health.  Including, but not limited to coordinating medical appointments, medication management, and obtaining medical supplies.

D.    Provide education and knowledgeable encouragement for the consumer to develop and maintain a safe home and living environment.

E.     Provide transportation for necessary appointments and activities, utilizing Agency vehicles and obeying all traffic regulations, including use of seatbelts and car seats, so that consumers may access identified services.

F.      Provide oversight of the funds distributed from the representative payee to the consumer (money management) so that spending does not exceed income.

G.    Accompany consumer to acquire additional resources and services within the community, as needed.

2.   Productivity

A.    In accordance with internal program guidelines, all staff are expected to provide direct service at a productivity rate between a range of 65%-75%, individually established based on consumer caseload and schedule.

3.  Case Management

Obtains information from consumers, members of their families, and others necessary for the identification of social, economic, emotional, health, or physical problems and for promoting consumers in obtaining a wide variety of services on the basis of established needs and wants. 
Conducts an assessment of the consumer’s strengths and needs in order to develop an action plan to address their identified needs and wants.
Attend consumer meetings, including, but not limited to: Individual Support Plan (ISP);    Individual Support Plan Team (ISPT); Family Group Decision Making; Support Intensity Scale (SIS); Quarterly Monitoring sessions and other comprehensive service plans, to monitor, to provide input, and to be aware of consumer needs and wants.

4.  Education /Advocacy

A.     Provide education and knowledgeable encouragement for consumers who are in situations detrimental to their well-being or that of the community.

Works in close cooperation with Venango County Human Services; i.e. Children Youth and Family Services, Area Agency on Aging, and Mental Health Developmental Services; in planning to meet the needs and wants of consumers and assists the consumer in utilizing these and other resources.
Promote self-advocacy by encouraging the need for personal health management, by identifying the appropriate need to schedule a medical appointment, by providing access to medical services, and by acting as a liaison for medical treatment.
Develop the consumer’s interpersonal skills to aid in community involvement, i.e. attending support/advocacy groups, self-support group meetings. 
Promote self-care by providing education and knowledgeable encouragement for personal grooming and appearance.
Nurture positive personal relationships, i.e. meeting friends.
Promote quality food and nutritional choices to develop proper menu planning and cost effective grocery shopping to ensure nutrition and value, along with safe food handling.

5.  Fiscal

A.    If necessary, may assist consumer in requesting funds from consumer’s representative payee to satisfy money-management outcomes established to meet consumer needs and wants.

Collect and return all applicable receipts to the representative payee for accounting purposes.

6.   Record Keeping

A.    Complete progress notes, encounter forms, billing spreadsheets, quarterly reports, outcome plans and tracking forms per program criteria and standards to be accountable for direct services.

B.     Review monthly utilization to maintain an up to date profile of services rendered and to be in compliance with contract specifications.

7.   Other

A.    Attend conferences, meetings, in-services and training sessions in order to keep abreast of current information, regulations and general knowledge to enhance professional growth.

B.     Plan and present educational classes or programs, representative of the contracted service area so those consumers may have the opportunity to enhance skills in a group environment and establish a peer support system.

C.     May perform other duties deemed appropriate by supervisory or executive staff to enhance the overall operation of a particular program or of the Agency as a whole.


The minimum necessary standard, a key protection of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, is derived from confidentiality codes and practices in common use today.  The minimum necessary standard requires the Agency to evaluate our practices and enhance safeguards as needed to limit unnecessary or inappropriate access to and disclosure of protected health information.

This position may only access the minimum information that is necessary to perform all job accountabilities included in this job description. 

1.   Permitted Accesses

A.  Access to consumer files for the Specializes Services Program.

2.      Justification/Purpose

A.    To carryout the treatment, payment, and operations of the Home & Community Services Program including compiling consumer files to ensure a complete record of service activities, and maintaining accurate consumer files in order to comply with program standards.


1.      Must be 21 years of age and have a valid driver’s license, with acceptable Motor Vehicle Record, as defined by our insurance carrier.

2.      Act 151, 73, and 34 clearances.

3.      Ability and willingness to respect and practice confidentiality.

4.      Flexibility to work irregular hours.

5.      Willingness to attend out of town conferences, training workshops, and meetings as necessary.


1.      Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and professional manner.

2.      Ability and personality characteristics to work effectively with people from all social, economic, ethnic, educational backgrounds and age groups.

3.      Ability to work effectively without direct supervision.

4.      Strong commitment to implement and promote the philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies of the Agency.

5.      Ability to communicate clearly in both oral and written form.

6.      Ability to organize workload around program priorities.

7.      Ability to accept and exercise authority appropriately and make rational informed decisions.

8.      Ability to work well under pressure.

9.      Ability to respect and practice confidentiality.

10.  Ability to use a computer and software for word processing, data management, research and training.

11.  Ability to work well within stated time frames or deadlines.


1.   Education/Training Requirements

      A.  Completion of a high school curriculum

B.  Progressively successful ability to relate to and communicate with the consumer population applicable

C.  Continuing education in a related human service field

2.   Work Experience

One to three years of direct experience in working with the problems of persons living in culturally, socially, and economically disadvantaged communities; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience which provides the requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities for this job.

Submit resume to:

Amy Awosina, HR Director

Family Service & Children’s Aid Society

716 E 2nd St, Oil City, PA 16301


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