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Community Outreach and Prevention Educator


DIRECT SERVICES:  PPC Violence Free Network, a program of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society employs the position of Counselor Advocate to provide services to victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and other serious crimes.  The Counselor Advocate’s role (for each area of concentration) is to ensure that program participant needs are assessed and that appropriate services are then provided to the consumer.

PREVENTION, EDUCATION AND OUTREACH SERVICES:   PPC Violence Free Network, a program of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society, employs the position of Prevention Education and Outreach Assistant to provide prevention and community awareness programs that educate adults and youth within the community about the services available and the issues associated with victimization.

The work schedule varies and will include evening and weekend hours based on program needs.

This position is located at:

 PPC’s Shelter at 160 Prospect Avenue, Franklin, PA 16323

This position reports directly to the Program Director of PPC with formal individual supervision being held on a regular basis and informal supervision being available on an ongoing basis.  This position also reports indirectly to the Executive Director of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society.


Each area of concentration may require a working knowledge of cognitive behavior therapy, victimization issues, domestic and sexual violence issues, crisis intervention techniques, supportive counseling theory, empowerment counseling theory, the criminal justice system, the Protection From Abuse law and database, conflict resolution skills, and legal and community resources.  Self-motivation, discretion, and good judgment should be exhibited.

 Direct Service:

A.    Responds to calls received through the hotline during business hours when necessary.

B.     Provides victims of abuse with comprehensive crisis intervention services, options, accompaniment, and support and empowerment counseling.

C.     When necessary, provide consumers with emergency accompaniment and emergency transportation utilizing PPC’s vehicle (to maximize the quality and coordination of services).

D.    Completes intake assessment forms, service plans, and any other appropriate forms.

E.     Reviews service plan with the consumer and provides counseling on a formal basis and on an informal, ongoing basis as needed.

F.      Facilitates or co-facilitates psycho-educational and support groups as needed.

G.    Maintains a current knowledge of, and communication with, various local service providers for the purpose of offering referrals to program consumers.

H.    Maintains accurate consumer files to comply with program standards.

I.        Participates in ongoing case management services as required by the Direct Service Supervisor or the Program Director.

J.       Attends all daily/weekly/monthly meetings as required.


Represents PPC at community or educational settings (as needed).
Participates in the prevention department’s special events and activities such as DV, SA, and Crime Victims awareness months, health fairs, Teddy Bear picnic, Children’s Day, Fun Fair, etc.
Assist in scheduling and providing training programs/workshops to organizations, agencies, and businesses within the coverage area.

  Prevention & Education:

A.    Provides prevention and community education instruction to students in educational settings within the coverage area and to organizations, agencies, and businesses within the community using curriculum approved by the Prevention Education and Outreach Supervisor and the appropriate school personnel.

B.     Assists in the development of new curricula to be used within community or educational settings within the coverage area.

C.     Assists in recruiting and scheduling all school programs within the coverage area.

D.     As needed, develops a working relationship with the administration and school personnel in all school settings (pre-school through college).

E.      Assists in developing and updating marketing materials for the education department.

Record Keeping

A.    In a timely manner, collects, reviews, and reports all required statistical data to the appropriate PPC staff member related to the services being provided in order to give an accurate, up to date monthly profile of service activities to the funding sources, Executive and Administrative staff, Governing Board and PPC’s Advisory Committee.

B.     Compiles statistical data to comply with program standards and to acquire additional funding.

C.     Assists with the completion of consumer files in order to ensure an inclusive record of service activities, to be accountable for services delivered, and to ensure that the required forms and documents have been secured in accordance with standards set forth by funding sources.


A. Attends conferences, meetings, in-services, and training sessions in order:

·         to comply with program standards, to strengthen skills in dealing with issues of sexual violence, domestic violence, and victimization, and

·         to gain knowledge of current information, regulations, and general knowledge to enhance professional growth.

B.  Performs other duties deemed appropriate by the Direct Service Supervisor, the Prevention Education and Outreach Supervisor, the Program Director of PPC Violence Free Network or the Executive Director of Family Service & Children’s Aid Society to enhance the operation of a particular program or of the Agency as a whole.

C.  Participates in fundraising activities.


The minimum necessary standard, a key protection of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, is derived from confidentiality codes and practices in common use today.  The minimum necessary standard requires the Agency to evaluate its practices and enhance safeguards as needed to limit unnecessary or inappropriate access to and disclosure of protected health information.

This position may only access the minimum information that is necessary to perform all job accountabilities included in this job description. 

 Access Permitted

Access to consumer files for PPC’s program participants.


A.       To carry out the operations of PPC including, compiling consumer files to ensure a complete record of service activities, and maintaining accurate consumer files to comply with program standards.


1.      Valid PA driver’s license to use on the job when necessary and proof of own vehicle insurance if personal vehicle is used for business purposes.

2.      Submission of a Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance (PA Act 33).

3.      Submission of a Pennsylvania State Police Request for Criminal Record Check (PA Act 34).

4.      Submission of an FBI Federal Fingerprint Record Check (Act 73).

5.      Submission to a pre-employment drug screening.

6.      Flexibility to work irregular hours, including evening and weekend hours based on Agency or Program needs.

7.      Willingness to attend out-of-town conferences, training workshops, and meetings as necessary.


1.      Ability to communicate in a clear, concise, and professional manner, in both oral and written form.

2.      Ability to practice telephone etiquette.

3.      Ability to follow oral and written instructions.

4.      Ability and personality characteristics to work effectively with people from all social, economic, ethnic, and educational backgrounds and age groups.

5.      Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with consumers, co-workers, Commonwealth and County associates, facilities, and the public.

6.      Ability to work with consumers with physical, mental, medical, or emotional concerns, social difficulties, economic disadvantages, or criminal justice involvement and to advocate effectively on their behalf.

7.      Ability to work effectively, independently, and productively without direct supervision, demonstrating accuracy and thoroughness and monitoring own work to ensure quality.

8.      Strong commitment to implement and promote the vision, philosophy, goals, objectives, and policies of the Agency.

9.      Knowledge and ability to use a computer and software for word processing and data management (data-base spreadsheets, etc.).  Proficient in email, Word, and Excel, and familiar with Access and PowerPoint.

10.  Ability to independently organize workload around consumer or program priorities.

11.  Ability to maintain records and documents and prepare required reports in an accurate and timely manner.

12.  Strong organizational and time management skills required.

13.  Ability to work well within stated time frames or deadlines.  Ability to use time efficiently.

14.  Ability to develop realistic action plans.

15.  Ability to accept and exercise discretion, judgment, and authority appropriately, and make rational informed decisions.

16.  Ability to adapt to changes in the work environment.

17.  Ability to work under pressure.

18.  Ability and willingness to respect, practice, and maintain confidentiality regarding Agency or consumer information and records.

19.  Ability to work as part of a team and strong commitment to working as an effective team member.

20.  Ability to develop and maintain an empathetic attitude when working with program consumers.

21.  Possess initiative and problem-solving skills.

22.  Ability to interpret regulations, policies and procedures and apply them accordingly.


1.   Education/Training Requirements

A.  A bachelor’s degree (or equivalent training and experience) in psychology, rehabilitation, social work, sociology, or applicable behavioral science field is preferred.

B.  The successful completion of training, during the employees’ introductory period, that is offered by PPC.  The training must meet the standards set forth by PCADV (Pennsylvania Coalition against Domestic Violence), PCAR (Pennsylvania Coalition against Rape), and PCCD (Pennsylvania Commission on Crime & Delinquency).

2.   Work Experience

·    Minimum of one year of experience in a human service setting preferred.

Submit resume to:

Amy Awosina, HR Director

Family Service & Children’s Aid Society

716 E 2nd St, Oil City, PA 16301


To apply for this job email your details to